Zit Happens


Whether occasionally, often, or somewhere in between, we all get breakouts. It’s terrible every time. And though (we know, we know) prevention is key, sometimes a blemish (or two or ten) takes refuge on your face. So what is there to do?

First let me relay what happened a few days ago: after my third alarm tooted its rhythmic demonic chant I rolled over and headed to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and felt a surge of hysteria unmatched by any energy drink, scare tactic, or undocumented torture device. A colony of blemishes had landed on my face and I needed to put them in their place (their place being the pimple afterlife). Here was my attack-mode skincare routine:

Day 1



Day 2



By the end of the second day my blemishes were reduced to shadows of their former selves. Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion was particularly helpful in carrying out its calling to decrease the size of pimples, or speed up their life cycle (which means they will grow and then shrink faster than normal).

After the second day I switched treatment formulas to target my acne while avoiding excessive irritation (because irritation would lead to scarring). I replaced the Drying Lotion with Mario Badescu’s Drying Cream, which contrary to its name, soothes pimples on the decline with aloe while continuing to shrink their size.

Day 3



By the end of day 3, my blemishes were all but nonexistent and I resumed my usual, less anti-acne focused regimen. Three cheers for clear skin.

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