#WinTheDay + Free Clearasil

win the day1

The bad hair day corners the market in terms of public gripes, but it’s the bad skin day that does the most damage. I can conceal uncooperative hair with a hat and it’s called accessorizing; if I do the same with bad skin it’s confused with attempted burglary. A possible solution: Clearasil’s new Daily Clear Superfruit lineup.

win the day

The raspberry scented gel wash, scrub, and cleansing pads sent to me courtesy of Clearasil are a welcome start to the day. They smell like jelly beans, which is an affable change from my normal cleansers that coil like eau de hospital in the air. The line is boosted with 1% salicylic acid to gently fight blemishes, helping me to win the day with a fresh face and clean pores.

You’re not getting left out though. Head over to Clearasil for your chance to try the line free. Our bad skin days are behind us, right?

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2 comments on “#WinTheDay + Free Clearasil

  1. Pjd says:

    On another note, that grapefruit looks divine!
    Thanks for the info.

  2. yessica says:

    I want to win i got bad acne problems