Why “Being Mary Jane” is Perfect: A Beauty Perspective

Being Mary Jane 0

With “Sex and the City” as the standard of measure, it feels like every successor to the modern single gal narrative falls flat. Leave it to July, the doldrums month of television show premieres to change that.

“Being Mary Jane” tells the story of a thirty-something cable news anchor (played by Gabrielle Union), who balances a cohort of dependent relatives, corporate power plays, and men I’m pretty sure Alanis Morissette sang about back in ‘95. The formula works because Mary Jane leads a mostly relatable life, where the sum of its parts is just a toe outside of realism.

From a beauty perspective, Mary Jane gets it right. All right. I mean, tracks imported from the Near East or not, the woman looks like she has a standing appointment with a hair stylist every day. And it doesn’t end there. Here are five beautiful reasons I fell hard for “Being Mary Jane.”

1) She moisturizes with Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter.

The best lotion for when you want to be classy, not ashy.

Being Mary Jane 1

2) Deep in thought, she analyzes her face in the mirror before bedtime.

See? You’re not the only one.

Being Mary Jane 2

3) She protects her hair.

Hey, laid hair isn’t something that just happens.

Being Mary Jane 3

4) When needed, she knows how to freshen up on the fly.

Colloquially known as a PTA shower or, as Gabrielle Union puts it, a hoe bath.

Being Mary Jane 4

5) She learns atop the porcelain throne.

Admit it, you’ve done it too.

Being Mary Jane 5

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