Weekend Face: Follow the Birthday Lady

halle berry quad

It’s Halle Berry’s birthday week, and what do you get the world’s most beautiful woman (besides mom, of course) for her birthday? Nothing–with a new husband and baby on the way, I think she’s good with presents. In fact, you should take something–her makeup habits, if you will–because no one does the nude lip meets smoldering eye better than Halle Berry.

Sticking with Revlon (the brand she’s represented for years), try nude shades Sandalwood Beige, Blushed, High Beam Tan, and Caramel Grace to match her understated lips.

As for those eyes–make it easier for yourself and stick with a palette that’s prearranged to highlight your glare. Revlon’s Photo Ready Primer + Eyeshadow in Graffiti looks just like something Halle would use. Finish with black pencil traced around lash lines and a healthy coat of mascara.

Back to the present though, I’ve changed my mind. Let’s give her the gift of forgiveness for “Catwoman.”

Ebony, 2011

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One comment on “Weekend Face: Follow the Birthday Lady

  1. Victoria says:

    Halle is a classic beauty. Talk about perfect skin. Soooo jealous.