Thursday Night TV Date

It’s Thursday and your weekend holiday fête can’t come soon enough. And while tomorrow night’s plans may navigate deliciously degenerate levels of play, tonight the television calls your name. I hear a “Scandal” is brewing at 10PM (9PM central). Your couch is calling!

With President Grant’s life on the line and Huck revealed as the sniper, drinks are in order. Unwind with a glass of red. Be a patriot and make it a Zinfandel.

Now before you sip, let’s do something about those eyes. Skin is thinnest there, and through tonight’s rubs, squints, and (please, no!) tears, they need special care. Pat, pat, pat Natura Bisse’s Stimul-Eye Mask around your eyes and sit. Take the mask off during the commercial break.

When you return it’s manicure time. Hmm, Scandal has us feeling fiery. OPI’s inky Malaga Wine it is.

By 11PM nails will be dry, eyes bright, and glass emptied. Goodnight, there!

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