This Works: Illumask Anti-Acne


Here’s the trouble with 90% of acne products on the market: most (even the really good ones) only stop breakouts after they’ve begun, and utterly fall flat on prevention. Sure, there are the obvious preventative measures: twice daily washes with a clarifying cleanser; oil free moisturizers; and pore-clearing treatments, but some zits always seem to buzz by with a clear disrespect toward any skincare routine. It’s rare when a product lands at my feet and does a knockout job of denying blemishes their place in the sun (with cod liver oil being by longstanding favorite). Illumask is one of these exceptions, and let me tell you, this thing’s the real deal.

Illumask is a light therapy mask available in two forms: the anti-aging mask and the anti-acne mask (which is also loaded with light-shielding glasses). The anti-acne mask leverages red light to shrink existing breakouts and blue light to zap acne-causing bacteria. We’re talking LED, not UV light, by the way, so lay your fears of premature aging and skin cancer to bed.

The crazy part: it actually works.

Forget these clinical studies that illustrate how blue light definitively prevents acne, and listen to me, from the words coming out of my mouth, which sits on my face that is vastly acne free. My skin is clear and I must give rightful credit to Illumask. I even stopped taking cod liver oil (my ultimate skincare solution), just to prove that it’s the Illumask alone pulling the anti-acne weight around here.

Now let’s get this straight, the mask isn’t completely full proof. Some blemishes, now and then, slip through and land on my face, but even those disappear quickly thanks to Illumask’s red light, which deflates these blemishes with strict precision.

Another thing I ought to mention is that this doesn’t happen overnight. I really started to notice the effects of the mask after about two weeks; Illumask says best results are experienced after two months of daily use—which brings me to my next point—how do you use this thing?

Like most masks, you have to start with clean skin. After placing Illumask on your face, power-up the mask using the included remote. Keep in mind that there’s no pause button on this remote, so once you press it, be prepared to sit back for 15 minutes, after which the mask turns off automatically. And that’s it: pretty simple. The mask is good for 30 treatments and costs $29.99 (so if you’re doing the math that’s $1 per use), and is equipped with its own set of batteries as well.

But back to the most important part: it stops breakouts, and it’s not expensive, so let’s call this a win on all fronts.

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