The Boys Aren’t Telling Us Something

Refinery Shave

Purchasing shaving gear meant for men makes as much sense as Donald Trump leading a needless contention webinar—because what’s the Donald without his soapbox and bag of publicity-raising tricks? A billionaire with hair shaped like an opossum’s claw? And what are men if they don’t know a thing or two about shaving?

Transition to Refinery, a men’s grooming line led by the London-based Aromatherapy Associates. Refinery’s Shave Foam Gel is like nothing I’ve experienced. It’s marketed to men but I couldn’t help myself. This oil-meets-gel-meets-foam will end anyone’s journey for less offensive body hair (or facial hair, no one has to know your business). It made my skin feel like it sweats cocoa butter. Ladies, not all shaving gels are made equally—this is very apparent to me now.

The scent’s not bad either—peppery but fresh—it somehow works. Boys, why didn’t you tell us about this sooner?

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6 comments on “The Boys Aren’t Telling Us Something

  1. Hillary says:

    HA! This post came right on time LOL 🙂 I’ve been using men’s razors for years and recently my bf called me out about it, like “Umm, don’t you women have enough products that you don’t have to use mens?” I just laughed. Whatever, boys. I’ll steal your secrets anyday since it’s apparent you’re not telling!

    • admin says:

      I need to dig deeper… I feel like they’re still holding back on some good information!

  2. Sarah M says:

    Wow. Although I have not tried any of the men’s grooming line, it seems interesting to try their Refinery’s Shave Foam Gel. I like the sound of the scent of cocoa butter since it could make the skin more moisturized and the foam gel makes the hair more easier to remove. Maybe I will check it out online.

  3. Jennifer Q says:

    HaHa..I’m also guilty of using my mans razor but have never thought of using his other products. It’s usually the other way around..maybe it’s time to expand my arsenal.

    Love your work


    • admin says:

      Hi Jenni,

      Glad you like the site! Let me know if you decide to switch over to the men’s shaving cream!