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Seasonal Annoyances

There’s this awful part of my personality that sometimes makes it difficult for me to empathize with people who live

Something that Nature Made

I’m just like my father. I inherited his nose, mouth, and waxy skin. A birthmark that flanks his right ribs

A Few Words About Dandruff

I wish I had the dandruff they talk about in commercials – the kind where tea tree oil or minty

Scandal Thursday: Inner Beauty

It’s Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re single or attached, you have plans tonight. Scandal. The drama surrounding the Olivia Pope

Eye Treatments for Generation Y

We all have our personal spending limits. When I was 18 it was $50 on a must-have eye gel. My

Skin Story: Alaina Gibbs, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

You’ve probably never looked at art the way Alaina Gibbs does. That’s not the sort of thing you do when

Scandal Thursday: Breaking it up

A third of my Scandal anxiety stems from the breaks: breakups, breakdowns, and the ever-enduring commercial breaks. And though I

Zit Happens

Whether occasionally, often, or somewhere in between, we all get breakouts. It’s terrible every time. And though (we know, we

DIY Body Scrub

It’s really hard to jazz up a body scrub. Some are more hydrating, fragrant, or abrasive than others, but at

No Makeup Makeup

The runways of fashion week are the invariable platforms to showcase makeup’s best and boldest. Avant garde collections embrace the