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The Queen Bath

The last time you bathed, do you remember? I’m not talking about that weakling of an experience you had this

Michelle Obama’s Esthetician Shares Skincare Advice

First Lady Michelle Obama makes good decisions—be it on a test (she graduated cum laude from Princeton University before attending

Confessions of a Clear Skin Neurotic

If you think that there are too many days, weeks, and months of recognition, you may be on to something

May (if I had it my way)

Nasty Gal Gets Sheer — I haven’t been so excited to wear something sheer since Cher Horowitz trotted around Beverly

Sun Protection Without the Greasy/Chalky Factor

A few years ago the wide-legged jeans borrowed from the days of disco reappeared on starlets and tastemakers. They looked

A Clear Skin Diet?

I think we can all agree that no one likes acne. But like baldness and dimpled thighs, acne is an

Back to Basics: Wash your Face the Right Way

Cruising the pages of a thought-provoking website; joining ambrosial flavors to create an aromatic dish; painting your nails while losing

Seasonal Annoyances

There’s this awful part of my personality that sometimes makes it difficult for me to empathize with people who live

Scandal Thursday: Breaking it up

A third of my Scandal anxiety stems from the breaks: breakups, breakdowns, and the ever-enduring commercial breaks. And though I