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Scandal Thursday: Calm Down

It’s been three weeks since the last Scandal episode, which made April by and large a terrible month for television.

Scandal Thursday: Inner Beauty

It’s Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re single or attached, you have plans tonight. Scandal. The drama surrounding the Olivia Pope

Something(s) to love this week

The disdain for Valentine’s Day is nearly universal. There’s the expense—cards, dinners, and little meaningless trinkets that are bought on

Scandal Thursday: Breaking it up

A third of my Scandal anxiety stems from the breaks: breakups, breakdowns, and the ever-enduring commercial breaks. And though I

A nose for Scandal

That long torture period known as the three weeks in between new episodes of Scandal finally ended last week. As

Thursday Night TV Date

It’s Thursday and your weekend holiday fête can’t come soon enough. And while tomorrow night’s plans may navigate deliciously degenerate