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Weekend Face: Follow the Birthday Lady

It’s Halle Berry’s birthday week, and what do you get the world’s most beautiful woman (besides mom, of course) for

Summer Makeup, Simplified

It’s the midpoint of summer and maybe you haven’t gotten the hang of the whole warm-weather makeup thing. Perhaps it’s

Friday Face Inspiration

Yes, yes, with June at our doorstep it seems only appropriate that warm golds, bronzes, and corals highlight a growing

The Work Face

The Internet is replete with makeup tutorials—where you can master the faces of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj in just

Coral Lips + A Giveaway

I have a nude lip color collection that billows from my cosmetic bag like a really plump muffin top. It

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

I’ve made references to my dark circles before, but maybe you didn’t read those posts or maybe you didn’t take

Putting on a Pout

It seems that every season beauty brands tout the quality and density of the pigments coloring their lipsticks. I too,