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Cheap Treats Your Skin Will Love

A couple of days ago I turned on the AC, which is a really big deal because I hate that

Are You Skin Smart? Take the Quiz

Let’s pretend for a moment that it’s not a balmy 50-something degrees in D.C. right now, and that spring has

About the Best Thing to Happen to My Skin, Ever

First let’s talk about what this post is not about. It’s not about cleansers, creams, peels, serums, exfoliants, or masks.

What About Retinoids? Dr. Lisa Airan Explains.

There’s nothing new or sexy about the most-researched anti-aging (and acne-fighting) ingredient on the market. Discovered when the sinking of

The tiny miracle ingredient

In any drugstore, beauty boutique, or apothecary in America, you’re likely to find a surplus of skincare products with ingredients