Summer Makeup, Simplified

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It’s the midpoint of summer and maybe you haven’t gotten the hang of the whole warm-weather makeup thing. Perhaps it’s time that you collect your face from the floor, and learn a thing or two about an easy (and longlasting) summer makeup look. After all, this heat is dishing out reality checks, and it’s time to cash in.

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summer makeup 2


You can tone down the foundation, or you can suffocate for the sake of beauty—these are the options from June to September. If you’re able to wear a light liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer without emitting a disco sheen visible from outer space, you go, girl. I hold tight to powder formulas, like bareMinerals Matte Foundation followed by Tarte’s Micronized Clay Finishing Powder on my forehead and nose.

No matter what foundation you choose, chase it with an illuminator—the brightener will make you look like one of those eternally youthful models with a plush beauty contract. A recent acquisition, It Cosmetics’ Hello Light, is pretty much perfect. I brush a little down the bridge of my nose, above and below my brows, and on my cheeks. If you’re feeling fancy, swipe a bit of bronzer below cheekbones to contour.


Do yourself a favor and skip the heavy lids. Instead, make it easy and line eyes in a neutral shade. I drew around my eyes with a bronze shadow by Revlon. For extra staying-power, prep lids first with Blinc’s Eye Shadow Primer.


In the summer, you might as well try a lip color with a fall expiration date—and lady believe me—coral lips and autumnal attire make an ill-fated pair. I chose VIP Cosmetics’ Lipstick Gold in Russet—a nude meets peach shade. I lengthened the color’s longevity by lining my lips with a nude pencil.

And that’s it—an easy face that lasts from barbeque to reckless nights. Trust me, it looks good on you.

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4 comments on “Summer Makeup, Simplified

  1. Curvy CEO says:

    Hmmm…the Hello Light Illuminator sounds interesting…but I wonder how different it is (or isn’t) from Benefit’s Watt’s Up? I am trying to stop myself from buying duplicates of products!!

    • admin says:

      I’ve never tried Watt’s Up, so I can’t say, but I absolutely love Hello Light. It’s the first cream product I’ve used that doesn’t melt all over my face–and it adds this natural glow that looks positively ethereal.

  2. Yasmine says:

    The nudey peach lip shade here is beautiful!

  3. I love the new Kiehl’s BB cream for summer; if I want a bit more coverage I go over it with Clinique Superpowder Foundation. This is my perfect combo for summer 🙂