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The disdain for Valentine’s Day is nearly universal. There’s the expense—cards, dinners, and little meaningless trinkets that are bought on February 13 and forgotten by February 15.

Single? With a solo pass there are front-row seats to grandiose public displays of love and the reminder that yes, you are in fact the last single person on earth.

It’s safe to say Valentine’s Day is the calcium buildup to my faucet of streaming happiness.

But in the spirit of love, let me share some of my new ones. They aren’t men, but they look good on me and last all day.

My love for Make Up For Ever Pro Finish began at first sight. I clicked for a preview of the compact on Sephora’s website and knew that sexy little number just had to be mine. With 25 shades, it can be applied wet or dry with multiple levels of coverage. I prefer a sheer layer of the foundation for a matte finish.

In “The Merchant of Venice,” Shakespeare wrote love is blind, which must be true because I also fell in love with a liquid foundation. This foundation—Armani Maestro—is only for us oily girls because it clings to dry skin (and patches) like a Real Housewife and her fifteen minutes of fame.

In some sort of formulaic wizardry, Maestro blends into skin and sets with a satiny-matte finish. I especially love that a small amount spreads far and it’s packed with SPF.

And while I’m discussing loves, here are a few that I’m eternally grateful for:

  • My family
  • My friends
  • Caffeine
  • Delicious drinks that are highly caffeinated
  • The fact that caffeine addiction is widely accepted
  • My alone time
  • Gradually becoming fearless
  • You, for reading this
  • A new episode of Scandal
  • Curling up to a new book

Is it February 15 yet?

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