Smell like money, honey



If you can imagine the love-daughter of Zooey Deschanel and Natalie Portman, you can imagine the essence of my signature scent, Chloé. It’s feminine, it’s chic. It smells like peonies, honey, and happiness perched on a silver tray in an upper eastside walk-in closet.

But as the weather warms, I’m searching for a new scent. I don’t want to smell pretty and poised anymore. I want a perfume that is alluring, glamorous, and confident.

And then there’s Money.

Money is a new fragrance that smells like fresh dollar bills.

Developed by Patrick McCarthy, a vice president at Microsoft, and his business partner Chris Deschaine, Money is available in his and her versions – a cologne and eau de parfum. According to McCarthy, the fragrances were inspired by a Japanese study that found the scent of money increased productivity in workers and motivated individuals to excel.

So what does Money smell like? Her Money draws on notes of mandarin, pink grapefruit, melon, passion fruit, and white flowers. His Money is woodsy with rosemary, grass, and citrus undertones. Both fragrances highlight the distinct bouquet of clean, fresh bills. Neither is infused with the sweat of Bill Gates, the blood of Warren Buffett, or the discernible tears associated with actual hard work.

As for the cost, Money is moderately priced at $42.50 for a 1.7 ounce bottle – an amount I’m sure you will scoff at pretentiously once you have reaped the benefits of its claims.

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