Skin Story: Isaiah Andrew, Modern Renaissance Man

There are some men who don’t particularly care about appearance—use hand soap as face wash and pull together outfits as carefully as Rihanna censors tweets. Isaiah Andrew isn’t one of them.

He doesn’t shop with a stylist or an interior decorator, but it certainly feels that way. His relationship with fashion bellies on artistry and appreciation (not vanity and ostentation), which leads to a genuine likeability that narrowly defines few members of the fashionisto pack (read: Kanye West). Isaiah’s unabashedly premium aesthetic is a reoccurring theme.

Take skincare, for example, where you’ll need to travel to Bergdorf Goodman (among other luxury retailors) to recreate Isaiah’s regimen. He relies heavily on products from Kyoku—a male generated (and driven) skincare brand, and Kiehl’s. He cleanses with the Kyoku Daily Facial Cleanser and exfoliates weekly. And that scent he wears? That’s Yves Saint Laurent’s (or is it Saint Laurent?) L’Homme—a fusion of every note on Earth associated with the Y chromosome (bergamot, cedar, sandalwood, ginger); it’s definitely all male.

For Isaiah, shaving leads to an unintended consequence—razor bumps. To smooth, correct, and moisturize skin around his face, Isaiah employs the help of Sigma Skin—a subtle tinted moisturizer for men.

If you’re wondering if Isaiah offers seminars to educate the general male population on adequate grooming, you’re out of luck (but one can dream). He does, however, offer a window into his style online at Dynastee Clothing Co.—an online clothier Isaiah launched with his brother in 2001.

Geared towards the collegiate demographic and young adults, Dynastee Clothing Co. features apparel and accessories for men and women. An option that allows shoppers to build clothing on the site based on personal preferences is made possible by his girlfriend, Rachel Brooks, CEO and Co-founder of the customization platform, Citizen Made.

And when he’s not designing clothing, tailoring his apartment to look like a Design Within Reach showroom, or focusing on his skin, there’s always work, work; which for Isaiah is at IBM Design Lab. His role at the new offshoot of the tech giant is to improve the user experience and visuals within IBM Design Lab’s smarter analytics website. In other words, he’s making IBM look good. Is there any doubt he’ll succeed at that too?

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