September Buys

September Lust List

What should top your beauty buys in September? Let the Lust List be your guide.

*Better late than ever, eh?

  1. Nasty Gal d’Orsay Flats – These suede flats from Nasty Gal will support you esthetically and practically while the temperature drops.
  2. J. R. Watkins Scrub – There’s only one rule to follow when purchasing a body scrub: never overpay. I draw the line at north of $20. So at $12.99, J. R. Watkins’ Sugar & Shea Body Scrub in lemon cream is an easy buy. Besides its price, the moisturizing scrub smells like lemon bars slowly flaking in the oven. It’s definitely a growing favorite in my shower.
  3. Violent Eyes – Not all of us are gifted with the slight of hand required for tight lines of colorful hues. That’s where Violent Eyes (yeah, don’t ask me about that name) comes into play. Each pack of the pioneering product is equipped with 8 temporary eye appliqués that make your lined eyes look like the calling card of a professional. I aced the placement of the appliqués on the first try (so you can too!).
  4. Clayspray – When your face gets oily at the mere mention of 80 degrees and sunny, clay masks are more than necessary. Clayspray’s spray dispenser prevents the mask from drying in the bottle, and the brand’s complete lineup of masks—made with rich sources of clay—stretch its multi-tasking prowess with brightening, pore-tightening, and toning formulas, to name a few.
  5. Sonia Kashuk Nail Lacquer—This fall, I’m diving deep into unexplored nail colors—rich greens and blues. Sonia Kashuk’s Tumultuous Teal is a brilliant mesh of the two, and at $4.79, a brilliant debit to my check account as well.
  6. Revitarest – Pillow cases that support a restful beauty sleep are neither rare nor novel, but a pillow that enhances your beauty routine—well that’s worth a second look. Revitarest’s butterfly-shaped pillow cups my forehead and under my chin to guarantee a sweet slumber where my nightly skincare products stay put on my face and not packed on my pillow.
  7. Amarté – I’m still on the fence about the effectiveness of eye creams that claim to brighten or depuff, but a moisturizing formula—that I can stand by. Amarté sets the bar with the addition of the highest concentration of retinol offered for under-eye application (more about the benefits of retinol here). I like the cream because it melts into my skin and the fact that it fights wrinkles in the process—well that’s just a bonus.
  8. Make Up For Ever Brushes – Make Up For Ever knows how to do things big—be it bold makeup or long-lasting pigments—so it was no surprise that when the brand announced a makeup tool launch, a jaw-dropping 76 brushes were introduced. I’m a fan of the dense and super soft foundation and powder brushes, particularly #126 and the foundation Kabuki.

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One comment on “September Buys

  1. Heather Hejna says:

    I really want to try the clayspray! I’ll have to find where to get some before next summer.