Scandal Thursday

Another week, another Thursday night appointment with Olivia Pope and co. This Thursday I’m giving myself a manicure that’s more spa-like than the standard quick color change.


-A small bowl of soapy water (I use Cetaphil’s mild cleanser)

-Cuticle remover gel (like Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover) and a manicure stick

-Nail file

-Polish remover, if needed

– Hand cream (Nivea Extended Moisture is silky and hydrating)

-Stick on nail polish (such as Sally Hansen or Essie)

-A fast drying top coat (Seche Vite is my favorite)

The steps:

-Remove nail polish and then clean nails in the soapy water bowl. I like to soak a lavender sprig in the water for a relaxing scent (and also because I’m slightly ridiculous).

-Shape nails with a nail file. Oval nails are my favorite, but squoval (rounded square) nails are easiest to create.

-Rub a cuticle remover cream around cuticles and push back dry cuticles with a manicure stick.

-Soak nails for 30 seconds.

-Rub a hydrating cream over hands. Wait a few minutes for the cream to be absorbed.

-Remove excess lotion from nails with a cotton ball and a bit of polish remover.

-Apply nail appliqués. File off any excess and finish with a top coat.

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