Scandal Thursday: Calm Down


It’s been three weeks since the last Scandal episode, which made April by and large a terrible month for television. But it’s back tomorrow and it looks like Huck may have traveled back down the rabbit hole to insanity-land while Olivia is recuperating after her fight with good guy–turned bad guy, (turned good guy?) Jake. Like all Scandal episodes it’s bound to be suspenseful, so maybe this week we can make moves to buffer the edge.

Let’s begin with a beverage. Sometime in the past decade it was decided that green tea needed an upgrade from passed over addendum in Chinese takeout. Depending on where you look, green tea fights cancer, stimulates weight loss, prevents diabetes, lowers cholesterol (and the list goes on). Some say that the tea also stabilizes moods to encourage positive thinking. If that’s true, let’s have two cups on Scandal night. My favorite green tea of the moment is Harney & Sons’ Tropical Green.

Commercial break is a fine time to unload. How about unloading some toxins? Lymphatic drainage massage improves circulation in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system carries immune cells throughout the body to ward off infection. When circulation slows, toxins accumulate and inflammation can occur. For me, lymphatic drainage is especially helpful in the spring when I retain fluid better than a ShamWow. Watch this video for instructions and thank me later.

When the episode concludes and we’re left in a state of delirium, there’s only one thing to do to rest our pulse and stave off dreams where we’re secretly stalked by a man named Jake who will always hold a soft spot in our heart after winning us over as a guy named Noel in a 1990s teen series that has yet to meet its match [whew].

Pillow spray.

You can get fancy and spray your pillows with an eau de toilette, or for a more reasonable price-per-ounce selection, try L’Occitane’s Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist or Bath and Body Works’ Sleep Pillow Mist to lavender lullaby your way to a peaceful sleep.

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