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The holidays are here. You’re buying presents, traveling, and eating like a queen. Unfortunately, your bank account is looking more emaciated than imperial, so you’ll need to cut back somewhere. Instead of dropping dollars at the nail salon, try the home remedy instead. Kitiya King, founder of the covetable Mischo Luxury Nail Collection spills on how to achieve a salon-worthy holiday manicure at home.


For a home manicure that looks, well, not like a home manicure, you’ll need to focus on nail health in addition to cut, color, and coats. Kitiya recommends keeping cuticle oil, an exfoliant (try L’Occitane’s One Minute Hand Scrub), and hand lotion nearby. Other home manicure essentials are:

– Nail file (crystal nail files like this work best)

– Nail clipper

– Cotton balls

– Nail polish remover (non-acetone removers won’t weaken your nails)

– Basecoat and high-shine top coat (like Mischo Luxury Lacquer Base Coat and Top Coat)

– And of course, nail polish (try Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer’s Fall Collection)


You’ll want to cut and file your nails first. Almond shapes work best with rounded nail beds and make the manliest of man-hands look dainty. Another option is the squoval, which is universally flattering. Let’s forget that talon manicures are even a thing, and that square nails look anything but tacky.

Next up are the cuticles, which Kitiya says must be treated with care. “Cuticles are a natural barrier against fungus and bacteria. They’re there for protection and you risk infection when you cut them! You should soak, condition and push them back.”

Finally, clean your nails with acetone-free nail polish remover. Nails free from the slightest trace of oils or creams will: “ensure a better application and a longer-lasting manicure,” says Kitiya.


Kitiya recommends, “usually three strokes—one in the middle and one on each side. If you apply the polish too thick, it will probably smudge or peel once it’s dry. For a lasting manicure apply the basecoat, followed by two coats of the nail lacquer, and finish with a top coat. Do not apply oil or moisturizers to nails until manicure is completely dry.”


Yes, I know the minute you complete your nails everything in your kitchen suddenly becomes painfully appetizing. Or the phone rings, or a random itch develops. You’ll need to wait though, and let your manicure dry completely. Kitiya says, “Be patient when you’re doing your nails. Practice makes perfect!”

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