Find yourself in a manicure slump? There’s an app for that–and a website too. But start here first and flip through a collection of Pinterest nail inspirations to beat the bare-nail blues.

Tools of the Trade

A manicure always requires a reliable basecoat and top coat. Tried and true Orly Bonder and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat won’t let you down.

Practice and patience are needed to create some of the more delicate nail designs, as is a striper brush (to make precise strokes) and nail tape (for crisp lines). To adorn nails with decals and stickers, set them in place with a pair of tweezers. And to paint small dots, unwind a paper clip and dip one end into the lacquer of your choice.

Modern French Manicure

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From Pinterest user: Noelia cp

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4 comments on “Nail-spiration

  1. I doubt that I have the skills for a complicated designer manicure but I might give the modern french manicure (with colored tips) a try. So cute.

  2. Alejandra says:

    LOVE the Chevron manicure! I’ll see if I can actually get that done this weekend for a party I’m attending. Really cute and also bold design.