My Hair Survived the Mrs. Carter Show

I teamed up with Living Proof to put an end to frizz.
Curly Hair

Before, with Living Proof’s Full Cream

straight hair

The day after the Beyoncé concert

God has a sense of humor and the proof is in my hair. It’s naturally curly yet lacks body (a problem remedied by Living Proof’s Full Thickening Cream); when it’s straight, it frizzes at the mere mention of humidity; and my hair’s so prone to damage that my relationship with blow-dryers has started to look a lot like my relationship with Kanye West’s music: appreciated begrudgingly through clinched teeth.

But there’s a light at the end of this hair story.

living proof products

I straightened my hair and went to a Beyoncé concert, and we all know what happens there. My arms swayed and my hair flipped as I vibed with the spirit of Sasha Fierce. By the time I finished belting to the undulating soundtrack of female empowerment (Run the World, Girls); man-hating (Irreplaceable); man-loving (Crazy in Love); and back to man-hating (Single Ladies), I was sweating like a criminal in court.

Through it all my hair looked great, and here’s why.

The morning of the concert, I washed and styled my hair with Living Proof products. Living Proof isn’t just some frou frou brand that makes promises on the backs of mystical plant extracts and enchanted water. The entire lineup was developed with the help of MIT scientists, which means that geniuses put their heads together to create this array of superior hair care.

Take the Frizz line, for example, which employs Living Proof’s patented molecule that repels frizz better than silicone. I used the Frizz Conditioner and Nourishing Cream ahead of the concert. After conditioning and before blow-drying I also combed a quarter-size amount of Prime throughout my hair (it extends the life of hairstyles) and Satin (it smooths hair, and speeds up the drying time). If you’re keeping track—that’s three products I used post shower. Not one weighed my hair down or made it feel greasy. This stuff works.

And the proof is in the poof, or lack thereof, as my hair stayed straight and sleek though Mrs. Carter’s beats and ballads. With regular reapplication of Satin and Restore Targeted Repair Cream (a breakage fighter) to my ends, my hair stayed commercial-ready throughout the week.

So yes, my hair may be the result of a complicated sense of humor, but at least I’m the one laughing now.

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3 comments on “My Hair Survived the Mrs. Carter Show

  1. Hannah says:

    Those results are amazing!

  2. Marina says:

    Your hair looks amazing! Your hair is the closest thing I have ever seen to my hair texture which is really refreshing in the beauty blog world. I would love to hear more about your hair routine for when you wear it curly and straight like what blow dryers, straightener, and products you think are essential. Thank you for posting great advice!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Marina,

      Thank you. I’ll be sure to make more hair posts!