Mistakes Happen: Clean it Up


Mistakes are a certainty among women from time to time (or in my case a thrice weekly occurrence). One slip of the hand with a waterproof liner and suddenly your makeup looks like a toddler’s art project. Thankfully even the worst mistake is correctable with the right supplies. Take narrowed Q-tips or an eye liner brush, for example. The boldest lines and the most pigmented rouges are no match to those tools dipped in one of the makeup remover greats: Bioderma, Koh Gen Do, and Klorane. Or perhaps you’re a busy lady and two steps to fix a mistake is one step too many. There are always Almay Eraser Sticks—cotton sticks presoaked in makeup remover. And for a similar option that will look prettier in your makeup bag (but maybe not so much on your bank statement), try Diorshow’s Flash Corrector—a pen that crafts the lines that nature (or perhaps NARS) intended you to create.

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