May I Recommend Some Mascara?


Before Latisse told us we could grow better lashes, before Jennifer Lopez fanned mink falsies at the Oscars, before mascara became waterproof, smudge-proof, and multicolored, T. L. Williams had a sister, Maybel, who wanted darker, fuller lashes. She mixed coal dust with Vaseline and Maybelline, along with its industry companions, has continued to improve the original formula ever since.

Mascara plays a more transient role than most of the beauty goodies that land in my makeup basket. Nature gave me long lashes with a soft curl (but with acne-prone skin I’m not exactly winning), so I don’t stress to find a more than an adequate formula to swipe. And yet, I still want the best (which means longer, bigger, bolder, because this is America, guys).

When I want length without drama, I reach for Eyeko’s Skinny Brush Mascara. The stumpy bristles turn lashes into a defined fringe. You know how Minnie Mouse’s lashes traverse two-thirds of her forehead? It’s like that, but realistic.

When I have extra time (or I just want a little definition), IT Cosmetics commands my attention. Tightline is spread on a brush so thin I could successfully comb the lashes on my old American Girl Doll (her lashes are intact but let’s not talk about the haircut incident). The thin wand is ideal for evenly coating roots without leaving black smudges on my lid. Sometimes I wear the primer alone for a low-key look.

Tightline was developed as a primer to compliment Hello Lashes, the Garfunkel to Tightline’s Simon. Hello Lashes’ venti-sized wand works with Tightline to amplify eyes that make me look like the humanoid descendent of Bambi (I’m sensing a clear theme among the early Disney animators).

When I want to be asked if I’m wearing falsies and reply, “no,” there’s Eyeko’s Black Magic Mascara, which on a lash scale between Cher and Whoopi Goldberg, lands at a fluttery Diana Ross.

When I want an overall excellent mascara, I head to my nearest Estée Lauder counter and pick up their Sumptuous Extreme mascara. Impressive length, longevity (i.e. won’t flake midday), and unintimidating volume elevate this mascara into a wise decision.

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2 comments on “May I Recommend Some Mascara?

  1. Priya Parikh says:

    I used to have fuller lashes than I do now. I am glad that you posted these recommendations. I am excited to give them a try!