Kerastase Giveaway


I have hair that sometimes looks like bacon—not delicious and addictive, but crispy and curly. On straighter days it might look smooth and lustrous, but usually it’s just flat and uninspired. On my grave, surely someone will write: “here lies Ashley: her hair always reminded people of the losing side of a fight.” But this isn’t a sad story at all; let’s get to the good part.

First, I’ve teamed up with top-shelf hair care brand, Kérastase, to give 10 August Skin readers a tongue-wagging supply of the entire Elixir Ultime line (shampoo, masque, cream, and nourishing oil), plus a sweet discount for everyone else.

The shampoo is a diverse blend of castor, avocado, corn germ, argan, camellia, and pacaxi oils (not to mention silicone and paraben free), which lend their way to an effective but non-drying wash. The next step in the regimen, the Elixir Ultime Masque, is the master class masque in which all other masques learn how to masque. For our purposes, let’s just say that masque as a verb means to soften hair into manageable strands of dignity—yep Elixir Ultime does that.

The crown jewel of the collection (and the newest addition) is the Crème Fine, which my hair craves both pre-blowout and curly dried. The cream yields a glossy shine that hides the shrill fact my hair took a herculean beating this winter in just about every way possible. When curly, it adds softness for spirally coils that bloom.

Lastly, there’s the Elixir Ultime Oil, which protects my struggle-bus ends, pre-poo and post blow dry. The oil, like the rest of the collection, smells delicious too (a tried and true statement rolling on the heels of a yoga session where even my deodorant strained to keep up). The fragrance composition reads like an eau de parfum, with scents like citron, rose, and sandalwood rounding the top, middle, and basenotes respectively.

So how do you win this bundle of hair care gold? Head to the August Skin (@augustskin) Instagram page and repost the Kérastase giveaway photo with hashtag #asgiveaway. Don’t forget to also follow August Skin and Kérastase (@kerastaseusa) to be eligible for consideration. The giveaway ends Monday, April 21. If you don’t win (or you just want more), enter code ELIXIRAS to receive a 15% discount on the Elixir Ultime range and free shipping via Good luck!

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