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Twice a week, only at night, I have a standing appointment with a very good friend. Our time together is short, two minutes to be exact, but I always leave with a glow so luminous, a complexion so bright, it could only mean one thing: ExfoliKate.

I discovered Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate last winter. At the time, my skin looked like my first plant—lifeless and neglected. My normal scrubs weren’t working. I was desperate, but then I struck gold.

ExfoliKate is a facial treatment that uses physical and chemical exfoliants to revive skin. It works beautifully. After one use, my skin looked like a thousand cherubs kissed my face. And what’s more, ExfoliKate works all year long, for all skin types. It sheds dry skin in the winter and dissolves breakout-inducing oil and dirt in the summer. Simply put, ExfoliKate is a facial in a bottle.

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