Gaga for Gatsby



Here’s the deal. In a matter of a few days “The Great Gatsby” media train hit me with full force. The photos—the trailers—the Jay Z/Kanye track that scores it all—“The Great Gatsby” movie is on the horizon and the film’s studio really wants us to know it.

So while I absorbed the media blitz in a flapper-filled trance, I honed in on the hair that marked the sleek styles of the razzle-dazzle era: the smooth bob and cushiony curls.

But there was a problem—in order to create a modified version of the soft waves puttering around in 1920’s West Egg, I would need to apply additional heat to my already straightened strands. As a rule, I try not to fry my hair more than once a month. I could have rolled my hair in curlers overnight, but that would have been as comfortable as sleeping in the bed of a pickup truck driving down a deserted highway.

Still longing for subtle curls but facing limited options, I opted for a comfortable alternative. I twirled my hair in one long strand, secured it with a small band, and then went to sleep. In the morning, I unraveled the solitary twist for super loose, heat-free curls. Like Daisy in the film, I parted my hair deep to one side and added a small clip.


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