Definitely not born with it. Definitely weave.


me pre-weave


with weave and hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez


one section of the hair Cynthia used

I’ve seen a lot of bad weaves—you know the kind. The plastic ones that look like a DuPont innovation left on the warehouse floor.

It’s because of my familiarity with these highly reflective hair offenders that I never considered wearing one. That is, until I was introduced to Hair Factory.

At Hair Factory’s pop-up shop in New York last week, I was transformed with the help of a few clip-in extensions and celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez. The goal was to recreate one of Kerry Washington’s red carpet hair moments, and I’ll let you be the judge if we succeeded (spoiler alert: I think we did).

Cynthia, who is as talented as she is movie-star gorgeous, added three rows of Remi Wave from Hair Factory’s New York Remi collection. The whole process took less than an hour and was so easy Cynthia says that I can do it at home (and if I can, then you can probably do it blindfolded and bound to the back of a speeding train).

Teasing my roots and cornrowing a small section of hair, Cynthia snapped on the weave (she cornrowed because my hair is fine; if you have thicker strands you can skip this step). Cynthia’s large barrel curling iron created flouncy swirls, and a bit of hair spray set the style in place. No peek-a-boo weave tracks to be found, and nary a trace of uneven texture (my hair blended so well, even I can’t tell where the real hair stops and the Remy hair begins).

This style will last for a week before I need to give my newly acquired strands a wash. Washing, as I learned, can be done separately with the shampoo and conditioner I already own. If I treat the hair with some respect, it should last a year. But who’s looking that far anyway? I’m already plotting curly extensions to join me throughout the summer.

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