Coral Lips + A Giveaway

coral lips3

I have a nude lip color collection that billows from my cosmetic bag like a really plump muffin top. It will probably always remain that way (unless I do something sensible and actually organize), but I always make room for a pop of color as well (continue reading to enter my lip gloss giveaway).

coral lips

MAC’s Ravishing

coral lips

Saigon Summer by MAC

coral 4.1 lips

Armour’s Ann-Margret

coral lips 3


This summer, the corollary to winter’s oxblood lips is bright coral. I have five favorites in different derivatives of the color. For a sheer finish, I fell in heavy lust with Revlon’s Juicy Papaya—a lip balm that really does look as delicious as a ripe piece of the fruit (I’m wearing the color here).

The balm is just a gateway to a family of peaches and corals that can warm any complexion (seriously). For lipsticks, I turn to MAC’s Ravishing (a nude peach), while the brand’s Saigon Summer looks almost tangerine on the lips. As for glosses, there’s Armour Beauty’s Ann-Margret (a pinkish coral), and Nina (a fiery orange that’s almost red but not quite).

Armour’s pigments are particularly shiny and go on thick like honey without feeling sticky. Something that I always have to take into account is the opaqueness of the lip color’s formula, which it seems Armour considered as well. Sheer glosses look silly on me without lipstick or liner underneath. Just one swipe of Armour’s glosses on my bare lips delivers deep, vibrant coverage—and the color even lasts through meals (FYI I eat a lot).

Maybe the success to its superior coverage lies in the ingredients, which include natural oils and butters like avocado, grape seed, mango, olive, and shea—a welcome change to my immune system considering the average person swallows 24mg of their own lip products each day (and I’m sure I’m much more excessive with lip color use than the average person—oops).

Because I want you to experience my new favorite glosses for yourself, I’m giving away both Nina and Ann-Margret to 3 lucky winners. To enter the giveaway, become a fan of August Skin’s new Facebook page—and that’s it. You have until 11:59 PM, Sunday to enter. Good luck!

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4 comments on “Coral Lips + A Giveaway

  1. Vicki Fischer says:

    lovely color!!!!!

  2. Bonni says:

    I’ve been rocking Juicy Papays since you posted it on IG! Love it!

    • admin says:

      I’m glad you like it! It’s such a universally flattering color!