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Confession: I rarely get a professional manicure. Every week or so, I turn on Keeping Up With the-Real-Basketball-Housewives and paint my nails. I clean, file, brush on a few coats of polish, and before I find out if Nene-Royce-Kim is pregnant-divorcing-moving, I have perfectly pretty nails. Here’s how you too can get fancy fingernails that will last for 10 days.

1 – Remove old polish. Even if nails are bare, a few swipes of polish remover will create a clean, smooth base for polish.

2 – Shape nails. Short, slightly round nails are classic and always in style. File longer nails to a soft point for a contemporary look.

3 – Apply a basecoat. Try Orly Bonder and thank me later.

4 – Carefully layer two coats of nail color. Steady the palm of the hand applying polish on a flat surface. Essie’s a crewd interest is a playful pinky-peach-sherbet that hits the perfect color sweet spot every time.

5 – Finish with a top coat. Seche Vite is an overachiever that drys fast, leaving nails super shiny.

Photo credit: August Skin

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