Cheap Treats Your Skin Will Love


A couple of days ago I turned on the AC, which is a really big deal because I hate that thing. It’s loud and obtrusive—like a metallic Gilbert Gottfried that happens to spew cool air. Anyway, this flick of the switch meant something undeniable—summer is here and with that comes the changing of the guard in skincare, and this one is light on the face and in the wallet.

I’ve written about RoC before (their Multi Correxion moisturizer is one of my favorites), but it’s the brand’s Retinol Correxion line that has my heart (and my skin). I don’t have wrinkles, but the skin-nourishing ingredients in the Retinol Correxion lineup treat skin of all ages to a glowing complexion.

Take the Deep Wrinkle Serum, for example, which was my first foray into retinol several years ago. You’ll notice smoother and more even skin within a few weeks, I promise. In fact, if you’re looking for one product to up your skin game, I’d start here (and apply under moisturizer nightly).

Speaking of moisturizer, RoC’s Deep Wrinkle Night Cream and Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 are both spot on. I dare you to slap on these two and not notice how your skin looks practically Photoshopped. I’m a fan of both for the immediate results (super hydrated skin and a vibrant complexion), but the long haul benefits are pretty alluring as well (fine lines and deep wrinkles appear visibly reduced after 12 weeks).

Lest we forget the eyes, which need special care too (especially if you’re prone to crows feet). RoC’s Retinol Correxion Eye Cream is one of the best. I really mean it. The cream actually feels more like a serum, and sinks into skin for quenched eyes that look radiant alone, or serves as a superior base for under eye concealer.

I use all of these and more for a flawless summer complexion, which is not annoying at all—very much unlike my summer cooling situation.

Please note: I am a RoC Ambassador. This means that I’ve aligned myself with a brand I truly love and respect. All thoughts regarding RoC products are my own.

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