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Beauty by the Book

Summers are for light reading, and what’s lighter than books that teach the art of looking your best? I’ve found

Steam Clean

If you know a little about professional carpet cleaning then you know a lot about face steaming—the process of loosening

The “Miracle” Product

Buying a new skincare product is not unlike dating or even purchasing a home, in that you wonder how it

Why “Being Mary Jane” is Perfect: A Beauty Perspective

With “Sex and the City” as the standard of measure, it feels like every successor to the modern single gal

Thigh Sweat/Chest Sweat

Dear women of the world: How do you do it? How do you walk five blocks in July’s midday sun

Confessions of a Clear Skin Neurotic

If you think that there are too many days, weeks, and months of recognition, you may be on to something

The June Routine

The kind of despotic heat that pounds the air on a typical D.C. summer day is as comforting as hot

Don’t Bug Me

Memorial Day has come and gone and the temperature—along with outdoor gatherings—continues to grow. Sure, a barbeque that begins in