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Four ways to brighten your face for summer

Play with color on your lids. For bright colors, skip eye shadow and stick with eyeliner to avoid looking like

The Oily Girl’s Guide to Summer

Diamonds, the Empire State Building, Lil Wayne’s teeth… some things are meant to shine. Your t-zone, however, is not. For

Eva Longoria Is Anything But Desperate at Cannes

If the Cannes Film Festival is a playground for the exceptionally beautiful and perfectly coiffed elite, then Eva Longoria is

Fingertip Crime: Neon Nail Polish Is Illegal

The colors highlighting the season are illegal to produce in the U.S. According to Doug Schoon, the chief scientific adviser of

A mysterious benefactor mails beauty supplies and money to New Zealand residents

An anonymous hair care champion is sending cash and either a hair dryer or hair clippers to residents of a

All About Nails

Confession: I rarely get a professional manicure. Every week or so, I turn on Keeping Up With the-Real-Basketball-Housewives and paint