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My Hair Survived the Mrs. Carter Show

I teamed up with Living Proof to put an end to frizz. God has a sense of humor and the

A Giveaway, a Gift, a Blowout

Good news travels in threes, or at least this news does. One lucky August Skin reader will win Living Proof’s

Why “Being Mary Jane” is Perfect: A Beauty Perspective

With “Sex and the City” as the standard of measure, it feels like every successor to the modern single gal

Weekend Hair: Braids

Take Penelope’s word for it—it’s possible to wear braids as an adult in a swimsuit without the obvious Bo Derek

Definitely not born with it. Definitely weave.

me pre-weave with weave and hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez one section of the hair Cynthia used I’ve seen a lot of

When More Hair is a Good Thing

This Sunday I’ll join Hair Factory and gifted hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez for something very new (to me). Hair Factory, the

On to Week 3: Vote for Me!

With your help, I made it to the third week of Allure magazine’s Beauty Blogger of the Year competition. There