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What’s New and What’s Next

The fall beauty trends to try now? What to learn about spring looks from the current New York Fashion Week?

Let’s Hang

Join me Saturday, September 7 at 3PM ET so we can chat all things beauty and New York Fashion Week.

The Zero Dollar Beauty Project

The phrase “desperate times call for desperate measures” can speak to many things, but mostly it relates to women in

Why “Being Mary Jane” is Perfect: A Beauty Perspective

With “Sex and the City” as the standard of measure, it feels like every successor to the modern single gal

In Short/Instagram

Last week I feel in love with Armour lip glosses; indulged in cupcakes and latte art; tested the resolve of

Beauty with Benefit, Part I

My very first beauty purchase was Benefit’s “You Rebel” tinted moisturizer. I was in middle school and I remember thinking