Can polished hair and fitness coexist?


I’ve worn my hair in a bun for the past two weeks. 

Let me explain.

It’s almost Memorial Day and my relationship with exercise has been about as defunct as Justin Timberlake’s relationship with recording music. I may have completed a squat or two in the past few months, but for the most part I’ve avoided working out. And yet summer is almost here and I need to shape up, fast. So about two weeks ago I committed myself to hot yoga — which brings me back to my hair. After a series of downward dogs and chair poses in heat more smothering than an overbearing grandmother, my hair looks like a Beyoncé wig with Richard Simmons roots. 

But apparently, there’s a wrap for that.

Save Your Do Gymwrap is a headband engineered to minimize sweat absorption in hair. Conceived by actress Nicole Ari Parker, Save Your Do uses “three layers of materials that wick away moisture from your hair, allow heat to escape, and when properly applied keep hair pressed down during a workout.”

Ari Parker was motivated to create Save Your Do after noticing she and many other women cited hair concerns as an excuse to limit exercise. This problem was most recently recognized by Surgeon General Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, who spoke at a hair trade show to encourage physical activity among women, despite hair-do fears.

The wraps can adjust to fit any head, and are washable to accommodate long term use. They sort of look like ninja headbands, which should definitely give me some added confidence doing the warrior pose. In other words, watch out summer, I’m getting fit and intend to look good doing it.

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