Bullseye: Target on the Red Carpet

naya and shailene

MTV’s Video Music Awards took place last Sunday, this you know. I know you know because Miley Cyrus’ twerk-filled performance was media gold and dominated the narrative of a slow pop culture news week. But you may have missed two of the awards show’s attendees: Naya Rivera and Shailene Woodley—who both earned the best in beauty badge on the red carpet. Makeup from Target painted their already pretty faces and their makeup artist is sharing how she created both looks.

naya rivera vma

shailene woodley vma

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2 comments on “Bullseye: Target on the Red Carpet

  1. Heather Hejna says:

    Naya Rivera has such amazing skin. She looked beautiful and I loved the lip color- so pretty on her!

  2. Agent M says:

    Oooo!!! I love big, dramatic eyes. Such a beauty!