Beauty with Benefit, Part II

Beauty with Benefit

In case it wasn’t clear, makeup should be fun. For many of us, this is lost somewhere along the way when we march into adulthood. Suddenly an encroaching fine line or a hovering dark mark becomes a reason good as any to dive into the trusty cosmetic case. So let’s take it back to when it was fun to dabble with colors. Let’s play with Benefit.

Beauty with Benefit

Beauty with Benefit

This look, which skirts the line between radiant and in desperate need of blotting papers, was created with the union of Benefit’s Sugarbomb and Dandelion face powders, Benetint cheek stain, and Sugarbomb nude lip gloss. But before we talk technique, let’s talk flowers, which is exactly what each of these products smelled like. I suppose this may be an issue for those with extremely reactive skin, but for me it was a sweet departure from an overabundance of fragrance-free (or its counterpart, medicinal-pungent) cosmetics in my bathroom cabinet.

I dabbed the tint on the apples of my cheeks first, followed by the Dandelion powder, which I fanned out beyond the apples. I layered Sugarbomb powder slightly higher on my cheekbones and swept the warm illuminator upwards toward my temples.

I finished the look with a little Sugarbomb gloss on my lips. So there, makeup is fun again. Now where’s my caboodle?

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