Beauty Boot Camp


Beauty boot camp—it’s a phrase I use when I need the equivalent of a mountainous, pseudo-military man yelling at my skin to get its life together. Usually I bring out the heavy artillery—retinols, chemicals peels, and uncomfortable masks—but a very different skincare system with impressive claims landed in my hands several weeks ago. You know I’m always game to try something new, right?


The brand is Gunilla of Sweden, whose line, Lerosett, specializes in organic and aloe-based solutions to treat and heal problematic skin. With a website reminiscent of a Proactiv ad circa 2002, I was hesitant, but still eager to jump-start a healthy summer complexion. I gave it two weeks.

Designed to benefit severe acne suffers (and I’ll admit that I don’t exactly fall into that group), the Lerosett skincare regimen calls for a week-long detox period where it warns that skin may worsen (and mine did) before it gets better (and it did that as well). Morning and night I cleansed my face with the brand’s OTC Acne Cleanser and applied the regimen’s clay mask for 15 minutes. Lerosett’s soothing toner and mattifying moisturizer always followed these steps. In the mornings, I also used Arcona’s Booster Serum (to deliver my daily dose of antioxidants) and three nights a week I continued with my retinol treatment (if you don’t know by now, retinol is one of the few products that is universally approved by dermatologists to slow signs of aging).

The detox period did awaken some blemishes, but by the end of the first week my skin was dramatically smoother and clearer. The twice-daily masks (which were reduced to thrice weekly in the second week of the boot camp) didn’t dry my skin either. That being said, I can imagine those with dry skin might have a different result.

What’s most important? The state of my skin. Lerosett really worked for me. As with any skincare regimen, routine is essential, so stick to it (really, do). And now that I’m all cleared up, it’s time to give my skin a 5 minute break.

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