Back to Basics: Wash your Face the Right Way

Cruising the pages of a thought-provoking website; joining ambrosial flavors to create an aromatic dish; painting your nails while losing yourself in really bad TV – they’re all examples of what is affectionately known as “me time,” and I’m guessing you know it very well.

My “me time” is when I’m cleansing, treating, and moisturizing my face. I know that’s a little weird, but let me live my life, okay?

I mention my “me time” only to let you know that apparently I had been doing it wrong for years—a sad and embarrassing fact on many levels. It’s kind of like a photography enthusiast who shoots photos with the lens cap still attached. 

It turns out that there are methods—rules actually—to follow when washing one’s face. Some are obvious: use lukewarm water, avoid cleansing around eyes, and frequently change washcloths.

A new rule (at least to me) redefines the direction you should wash your face. According to estheticians and dermatologists, you should lather soap in circular upward and outward movements around your face and neck (see diagram). Lotion and serums should be applied in this manner too. This method stimulates blood circulation so skin can achieve its own natural glow. It also prevents downward tugging, which over time may increase wrinkle formation.

I’ve tried this approach for a few months now and I like what I see so far. I’ll probably continue because at the end of the day, tending to my face is my “me time,” and I intend to spend these treasured moments how I see fit.

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2 comments on “Back to Basics: Wash your Face the Right Way

  1. Did you know how you apply your moisturizer can also make a huge difference? Massaging from the center (nose) out actually helps tighten skin (and keep it tight), and also massaging the moisturizer onto your neck in an upward motion.

    • admin says:

      I’ve heard that as well!. I’m trying to be more vigilant in remembering though…