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Picture Perfect

If you follow my Instagram account (@augustskin), you know that I take my fair share of selfies. I do this

You’re Invited

Remember that scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” where Head Chick in Charge, Miranda Priestly, must decide between two belts

Supporting a Cure is Beautiful

1 in 8—that’s the likelihood that you or someone you know will develop breast cancer. 34 percent—that’s the drop in

Skin Story: Jalina Porter, NBA Dancer

Jalina Porter is an NBA Dancer; she takes a low maintenance approach to beauty. If you think that’s an oxymoron,

September Buys

What should top your beauty buys in September? Let the Lust List be your guide. *Better late than ever, eh?

What About Retinoids? Dr. Lisa Airan Explains.

There’s nothing new or sexy about the most-researched anti-aging (and acne-fighting) ingredient on the market. Discovered when the sinking of

What’s New and What’s Next

The fall beauty trends to try now? What to learn about spring looks from the current New York Fashion Week?

Let’s Hang

Join me Saturday, September 7 at 3PM ET so we can chat all things beauty and New York Fashion Week.

Michelle Obama’s Esthetician Shares Skincare Advice

First Lady Michelle Obama makes good decisions—be it on a test (she graduated cum laude from Princeton University before attending

Bullseye: Target on the Red Carpet

MTV’s Video Music Awards took place last Sunday, this you know. I know you know because Miley Cyrus’ twerk-filled performance