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Summer Body Jump-off

I went in this winter. By in, I mean in boxes of cookies; bags of chips; restaurants with unlimited refills

Stealing from Mom

I’ve always loved makeup. Sit on that and imagine me as a child. I have caboodles upon caboodles of kid-friendly

Get Feet Fit For Sandals

In the coming weeks (or even now, if you’re so lucky), before you slip into that dress you bought post

Are You Skin Smart? Take the Quiz

Let’s pretend for a moment that it’s not a balmy 50-something degrees in D.C. right now, and that spring has

Glow Lessons

This is a story about glowing skin—not the kind that radiates questionable incandescence and precedes an emergency 911 call—but skin

Kerastase Giveaway

I have hair that sometimes looks like bacon—not delicious and addictive, but crispy and curly. On straighter days it might

The Cadillac Shave

In honor of Women’s History Month (better late than never, eh?), I’d like to highlight a woman dear to me,

The Queen Bath

The last time you bathed, do you remember? I’m not talking about that weakling of an experience you had this

A Face Favorite is up for Grabs

SHEfinds is giving away one of my favorite cheek colors and more.

About the Best Thing to Happen to My Skin, Ever

First let’s talk about what this post is not about. It’s not about cleansers, creams, peels, serums, exfoliants, or masks.