Actual “No Makeup Makeup” That Makes You Look Like You’ve Hit the Genetic Jackpot


Have you heard of “no makeup makeup”? It’s a fairly straightforward technique in which you apply concealer, color corrector, bronzer, foundation, eyeliner, light mascara, a tinge of blush, highlighter, translucent powder, and nude lipstick to make it appear, in fact, that you are wearing nothing at all. It’s how you look like this, this, or that. I’ll go out on a limb and guess you don’t have the kind of time and practiced patience for this labor of love in cosmetic deceit. But there’s an alternative, Dr. Perricone’s No Makeup Skincare, a new line that is the perfect amalgam of makeup and skincare.

In this photo I’m wearing No Makeup Skincare’s No Bronzer Bronzer (smoothed with two fingers over the perimeter of my forehead, jaw, and contour of my cheeks), No Blush Blush, and No Lipstick Lipstick. The line also includes No Foundation Foundation, No Foundation Foundation Serum, No Concealer Concealer, and No Mascara Mascara. Over the bronzer and blush I dusted Tarte’s Smooth Operator translucent powder to prevent shine and slick spots.

So what is Dr. Perricone’s No Makeup Skincare? No Foundation Foundation is a lot like BB Cream on a diet—super light coverage with SPF. The bronzer and blush draw parallels to cheek stains, where the rich pigment seemingly sinks into skin. And that No Lipstick Lipstick—well between the two of us it’s actually a kickass tinted lip balm with sun protection and a really catchy name.

But besides good-for-you ingredients like vitamin E and C, the line just works. It enhances your best features while glossing over the less than perfect. Your skin looks healthy but it doesn’t look muzzled with makeup. Best of all (in my case at least), after four steps (blush, bronzer, powder, and lipstick), three glorious minutes have passed and my face looks like my face on a really good no makeup day. I’m guessing you’ll notice the same too.

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