A Beauty Valentine: Jodie Patterson on the Products She Loves


Meet Jodie Patterson. She’s one of those effortlessly beautiful women you thought only existed within the confines of the Obama gene pool or a J. Crew catalog. Visit DOOBOP.com and you’ll meet her answer to the plunging gap between a demand for beauty e-tailers that speak to women of color and its limited supply. As Chief Creative Officer of DOOBOP and founder of her own skincare line, Georgia by Jodie Patterson, she has a hand in many pots, jars, and tubes that amplify a woman’s innate beauty. Which are her favorites? We talk the beauty products worthy of a lifetime commitment, the ones that make her feel sexiest, sultry looks, and so much more.

August Skin: If you could marry a beauty product, what would it be?

Jodie Patterson: Ooooo, I’m in love with oils and they’ve been lovin’ me right back! Just like any good man, they keep me young and feeling sexy. I use them on my face, scalp, and body all the time. Like 3-4 times per day. I really love Caudalie’s Divine Oil for my face, and Georgia by Jodie Patterson’s Body Oil in Gardenia for all over decadence. For my hair I’m ‘booed-up’ with this cute little hair oil from Free Your Mane, Restorative Hair Oil. My guy uses it too!

AS: What’s a seductive beauty product you would take on vacation?

JP: Lip2Cheek in Smile is really THAT product.  I dab it on the apples of my cheeks and PapaBear thinks I’m naturally radiant…I just roll with it and smile. This is the product that I’ll always throw in my bag and know I’m set for up-close and personal moments. Great for looking simply beautiful in the most relaxed and effortless way.


Jodie and “PapaBear”

AS: Which beauty products help you feel sexiest?

JP: This is just me, but I think a fresh face with an amazing brow is really sexy. Like the kind of sexy that gets your mate to stare at you in silence – struck. Recently I’ve been seeing Damone Roberts, the Eyebrow King, and I can’t get enough of his Brow Gel.  Strange but true.

AS: What do you turn to for hair that’s easy to run fingers through?

JP: Davines is by far one of the most beautiful hair brands ever. And everything they make is about being truly beautiful from the inside out. Their Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner pretends to be a conditioner but really it’s a scoop of magic. I use it, blow dry and it’s guaranteed to make PapaBear smile! Soft hair makes the magic happen. Try it!

AS: What’s PapaBear’s favorite scent on you and vice versa?

JP: He likes Geranium Rose on me.  It’s an earthy, rose from Africa. He’s from Ghana…so good things happen when I wear it. I love when he wears Dude Oil No. 1. It’s the perfect mix of spicy and woody.

AS: Advice for a sultry look?

JP: Sultry can quickly turn trashy if not done just right. Cynde Watson knows how to create the most classic, sultry look.  She’s got a smoky eye and bold lip down pat.  Check it out on our Facebook page.

AS: Tips and/or product suggestions for long-lasting lipstick?

JP: Ummmm, Re-apply. There’s no magic. I shamelessly dab on my lip color frequently (as opposed to drawing it on).  It looks cuter when you dab! What’s more important is that you keep your lips hydrated and soft. Kissable.

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3 comments on “A Beauty Valentine: Jodie Patterson on the Products She Loves

  1. Jodie says:

    Thanks for the interview! Love your site!! xJP

  2. So much good information in here! Thanks for letting me know about DOOBOP, Georgia and MCMC Fragrances. Also, she’s totally right about reapplying lipstick. It’s just part of the existential conundrum that is lip color. 🙂